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How To Write SEO Optimized Content That Ranks – Blogs Centre

How To Write SEO Optimized Content That Ranks On #1 Page Of Google. ‌When you observe websites that are ranking on page one in all google, there is a few common traits that set them apart. and that I made it my mission to be told what these traits are so I can replicate it for my very own business and for my marketing clients. 

And today, I’m visiting break down the precise process that you just have to follow so as to jot down content that ranks on page one, step by step.

Hey everyone, I’m Pooja Sahu, and today, I’m visiting break down a way to write content that ranks on page one amongst Google step by step.

‌You would not believe how often i purchase asked, “How am i able to bring more traffic to my site?” Or, “How am i able to write a blog that ranks?”

Well today, I’m visiting help answer that for you. Here’s a step by step orient writing a blog post that ranks on page one.

How SEO can help you to rank your blogs on #1 page of Google

How To Write SEO Optimized Content That Ranks - Blogs Centre

‌Step one, know your audience.

‌This is very important because if you’re writing for the incorrect person, it doesn’t matter where you rank, you are not visiting act. That traffic isn’t visiting convert into revenue. And you are going to be delay and money because you had to provide that content. 

You would like to travel under. Stand your target market. What resonates with them, and what’s going to bring value to their lives before you start writing. for instance, if your audience is dog owners, you do not want to write down about the simplest can food on the market. 

Instead you would like to relinquish them recommendations on the healthiest dog foods. Also, you wish to figure on producing unique content that’ll stand out from all the competitors, because there’s already a tone of content out there so firstly, visit Ubersuggest and kind in keywords that you’re trying to travel after. It’ll provide you with demographic information, it’ll tell you the age range of the people searching. 

What is Keyword?

How To Write SEO Optimized Content That Ranks - Blogs Centre

This can provide you with an honest idea of whether this keyword could be a good fit or not. It even tells you ways many of those visitors actually click on the paid listings versus the free listings, versus no listing. And within the content ideas report, it’ll show you all the content that’s popular supported Google Search Traffic, backlinks and social shares.

So you would like to require the most effective ones and consider creating content around that and avoid creating content round the topics that do not had best all told three of these categories.

The second set in understanding the proven blog post on page SEO process.

When done correctly and effectively, on-page SEO can drastically improve your site’s search performance. I’ve heard of individuals who rely solely on paid ads to urge traffic. However, in keeping with computer program Journal. 

To know more about Keyword Research click on this link

Does Google Ads is good for SEO?

How To Write SEO Optimized Content That Ranks - Blogs Centre

Over 70% of users ignore paid ads, focusing solely on organic results. this is often another big reason why I tell people to specialize in SEO also as paid. Right? you only someone do i you wish to try to to both. the method of structuring your content and optimizing for various elements of that page is that the key to on page SEO. 

Optimizing your blog for keywords is one thing, but there’s other factors within your content which will facilitate your rank. So if you’re on WordPress, you’ll just use a Rank Math , SEO plug, or IOS, either one works well. I found that Tank Math may be a little expensive, their paid version is amazing. 

Another thing you’ll be able to do is attend Ubersuggest , type within the left your URL, click on the positioning audit report within the left navigation, it’ll tell you all the errors down on an online page and what you must fix. 

Always Do keyword research Before Writing A Article

What you will find in this Ubersuggest report breaks it down and priority with the highest items being those that have the most important impact to your traffic, and also the items at the very bottom having the bottom and therefore the least impact to your traffic.

The third step i’ve got for you, is write blog posts that provide practical value to your audience. Readers don’t need genetic blog post, they need something that they’ll finish with and be like, “okay, I’m visiting go and try this now. 

That’s example of excellent piece of content. Years ago, I visited Honstuffworks, and also the article didn’t teach me the way to install a bidet. i used to be roiled, never back to Howstuffworks. and that is the kind of content you do not want to form. On the flip side, if the article taught me the way to install a rest room, so I could go then take action and install the bathroom. 

I might be ecstatic. that is the sort of content a want to supply, doesn’t should get on toilets, and so you’re going on balance these terms, detain mind, you ought to be doing keyword research, right? you would like to seem at the questions that almost all people are typing in and looking out for. 

How to find keyword for writing a blog

How To Write SEO Optimized Content That Ranks - Blogs Centre

Through Ubersuggest within the keyword ideas section, you’ll be able to see an inventory of questions, that individuals type on a day to day for the keywords that you are going after. 

Have a look at a number of these keywords, ensure you integrate them within your h1 tags, your title tags and your meta descriptions, moreover as within your content. 

And when you’re creating this content, it is vital to not just obtrude content whenever you are feeling like, you would like to own a content calendar so you recognize what days you are going to publish consistently. as an example, the Pooja Sahu website, I always publish every single Tuesday.

Yeah sometimes if Christmas falls on a Tuesday. I”ll miss that weak. But normally, Im blog every Tuesday for a minimum of 50 weeks out of the year.

The fourth step i’ve got for you is use the AIDA Model.

This model has been around for years. and also the reason being is because it works. it’s a good model for writing persuasive and interesting content. 

I looks a touch a number of the likes of this. If you’re familiar what it stands for its awareness interest desire and action. Awareness is grabbing the reader’s attention within the first place. 

It’s how you get traffic to your sites and even getting potential customers. this can be where the title and meta description are vital. Your job is write something that’s captivating within the little that pulls people in and makes people click through. 

How Can I Study SEO?

How To Write SEO Optimized Content That Ranks - Blogs Centre

Remember, a headline is so critical that 73% of shopping for decisions are made up of the purpose where readers are available in contact together with your title.

And as they are saying, eight out of ten people work to read your headline but only two out of ten will click through and browse the remainder. 

So confirm you target your headline. Now with interest you wish to stimulate interest. it is vital because it keeps the readers on our page and possibility on to other pages of our website. So you would like to expand on what you’re promising in your headline. 

As for the need, the most effective thanks to build a powerful desire and your posts is to use bullet points. Not too many bullet points, but merely enough to make the need. Studies show that they’re more likely to create a choice. 

When choices are limited. Keep this within the mind along with your readers likewise. The cells to an action is all about asking your readers to participate in something. Whether it is a product or a service, it moves onto the subsequent step.


It might be opting into your email list, you drip people to urge to grasp more then sell them again without a talking action, right? These people aren’t visiting convert into revenue. and there is nothing wrong with having multiple calls to actions on your site. On the Pooja Sahu website you’ll notice, i’ve got call to action throughout my whole website. 

Sometimes i’ve got tap bars, i’ve got spiders. I’ve ads in my slidebars but have multiple calls to actions. I’m more likely to convert my readers into customers.  Now if you wish help generate more sales and more traffic take a look at my ads agency Pooja Sahu digital.

Hope, your doubt is clear with reading this blog. Stay tuned with us

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